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Social Sharing Strategies: 45 Ways To Get More Social Shares Now

Social Media-marketing

Intro | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Free PDF

Want to hear something crazy?

Social media is responsible for over 30% of all web traffic. And that was just in 2014.

That hefty number means that social media is the #1 driver of all traffic on the internet.

So if your website isn’t raking in a huge chunk of its traffic from social sharing, you’re missing out on a big piece of the traffic pie.

But it’s not enough for you to just post your new content to Facebook and Twitter and call it a day. Unless you’re Seth Godin, a Tweet won’t give you a far enough reach to go viral, and you’re not that lazy anyway.

Which is why we’re bringing you every single way to increase your social shares, to not only bring in more traffic, but more social proof and more email addresses.

There are a ton of ways to increase the shares from your content, products, and website. So I’ve broken it down into chapters:

NOTE: This guide is 12,000 words and 5 chapters long. You can read it all right now, try to remember to bookmark it, OR you can download the entire guide in ebook form for FREE and read it later.

Click here to download this entire guide for free.

You can "choose your own adventure" and bounce around from chapter to chapter, or follow the chapters in succession. The decision is yours, grasshopper.

Screenshot showing google search results

Your website is ripe with opportunities to increase social sharing, and you’re probably overlooking at lot of these techniques. Click here to read Chapter 1: Engineer Your Website for Social Sharing.

Screenshot showing google search results

The chapter where content marketing and social media marketing blend together to make beautiful, social share-worthy babies. Click here to read Chapter 2: Boost Social Sharing From Your Content.

Screenshot showing google search results

Ah, the most little-known form of boosting those social shares – engaging your email subscribers.Click here to get the surprisingly effective methods in Chapter 3: Engage Your Subscribers to Get More Social Shares.

Screenshot showing google search results

Going back to the motherland: using social media to increase your social shares. You can use these techniques on any social media platform you please. They work that damn good. Click here to read Chapter 4: Social Media Techniques to Increase Shares.

Screenshot showing google search results

Just like we all felt in high school (or was that just me?) some things just don’t fit in. Including these bonus methods of increasing social shares. Don’t worry, they’re just as good as the rest – they just couldn’t be labelled. Click here to read Chapter 5: Bonus Methods of Increasing Your Social Shares.


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