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Growth Marketing

30 Best Shopify Apps Every Merchant Needs in 2020


Over 1,000,000 businesses use Shopify to run their online stores. It’s clear to see why, as Shopify makes it simple to launch an online store — helping to automate sales, shipping, and even marketing activities. Like the WordPress Plugin Directory, the Shopify App Store is filled with amazing apps to extend your ecommerce store's functionality […]

Sumo Shopify App

What Makes Visual Storytelling Marketing So Effective?


Visual storytelling marketing: Captures (and keeps) your audience’s attention Ensures your messages resonate with them Helps your brand connect on a deeper level. But you can’t just dump a few stock photos into your social posts and articles each month.  In this guide, I’ll show you what to do and what not to do with visual […]

How 18 Pros Achieved Maximum Growth For Their YouTube Channels


Dollar Shave Club, HelloFlo, Poo-Pourri – there’s no shortage of YouTube video success stories. But one run-away success won’t turn you into the next Casey Neistat. So, what can you do? I’m going to walk you through the 18 tips you can use right now to grow your YouTube channel. You know, so you can […]

Everything You Ever Need to Know About Psychographic Marketing


Quiz time!  What’s the difference between this site:  And this one?  Besides that one sells like gelato on a hot summer day and the other sells probably about as well as bibles at a rave. They’re both scheduling SAAS businesses. They’re both helping their customers overcome the same challenges. They both are reaching similar demographics.  […]

24 Best Call To Action Buttons To Sumo-Size Your Conversions


Do you remember how badly you wanted to press all the buttons you came across as a kid? Getting in an elevator was so exciting because you could press buttons and something would happen.  Our affinity for button-pushing didn’t go anywhere (though we now have more social awareness and self control about it). That’s why call […]

Screenshot showing a Sumo popup

How To Create Free Challenges That Drive Traffic To Your Site


Be honest. How much do you cringe anytime you see the word “challenge” in a headline on your social feed? If you’re anything like me, this usually causes you to shake your head and think Oh God, what now? Thankfully, we’re not talking about the ridiculous Cinnamon Challenge, the Huh Challenge, or any of those […]

How To Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Funded


$230,431. That’s the amount Chris Prendergast raised for his attachable electric guitar amplifier, JamStack, through crowdfunding. And it only took him 6 months. But let’s back up a bit… JamStack is a project 4 years in the making. The first thing Chris did was rig up an ugly proof-of-concept prototype to solve his own problem […]

Screenshot showing promotional text

Science Says This Is The Worst Popup In Existence (Here’s Why)


Imagine someone dragged you to a NASCAR event. Be honest, if someone said you had to watch a bunch of cars drive 200 MPH in a circle 200 times, what would you hope to see? Crashes. SAFE, but spectacular crashes. For the same reason people want to see fights in hockey and why America’s Funniest […]

How Noah Kagan Launched A Successful Podcast


Have you ever wondered how to launch a successful podcast? And not just any run of the mill podcast… we’re talking about a successful podcast that people listen to, review and recommend. Maybe you could be the next Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, or NPR.  If so, this one’s for you… In this article, we’re going […]

Debunking The Biggest List Building Myths That Cost You Money


Pop quiz!  Circle in permanent marker directly on your screen: TRUE OR FALSE: If you pick up a baby bird and return it to its nest, the mother won’t accept it. TRUE OR FALSE: Once a penguin mates, the couple stays together forever. TRUE OR FALSE: The more creative your pop-up’s headline is, the more […]

what headline converts better?