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Growth Marketing

6 Proven Follow-Up Email Samples You Can Use To Get Replies Today


You spent days researching a prospect’s contact information, hours crafting the perfect outreach email, and you finally hit "Send." One day in, no reply. Three days in, still waiting for a response. One week in, you hear crickets… If no one ever told you this before, here you go: It's NORMAL. Based on research by […]

Screenshot showing follow-up email sample #1

Apparel Case Study: How Pistol Lake Sell Tshirts (On A Limited Budget)


Pistol Lake would run a more profitable apparel business if they cut corners.  But they choose not to. They emphasize good values and organic growth. Since 2012, they’ve: Manufactured all their apparel in Los Angeles. Spent almost nothing on marketing. Developed a special, high-quality fabric (called Eudae) that can take you from the gym, to […]

Screenshot showing Kickstarter campaign copy

7 Jewelry Store Marketing Strategies (Hint: #1 Did $360k+ In 5 Months)


Brilliance, an online jewelry store, has made over $360,000 in five months from one Sumo pop-up on their website. We talked with their marketing director, Michael, and asked him what they did to get these results. We also share six other great marketing strategies they use to outcompete traditional retail jewelry stores. Inside you’ll learn […]

Screenshot showing a Sumo popup

How To Migrate From Magento To Shopify (Without Losing Your Mind)


A Magento to Shopify migration can be the best choice you ever make, or it can turn your business into a dumpster fire. The difference is whether you’re well prepared. For a long time, Magento was THE solution for large ecommerce stores, but that’s not the case anymore. In the past few years, several big […]

Screenshot showing Google Analytics dashboard

How To Maximize Your Ecommerce Sales With Channel Marketing


There are lots of places to reach new and old customers: Google Shopping Amazon eBay Instagram Email But what’s the best channel strategy to use for each one? In this article, I’ll show you: What channel marketing is. Six marketing strategies you can use for six different channels. How to find new marketing channels. You […]

Illustration showing marketing channels

The Complete Step-By-Step Shopify Tutorial For Beginners


Shopify is one of the best and easiest to use ecommerce website builders in the world.  But if this is your first time using Shopify, or your first time building a website entirely, there is a learning curve. Today, I give you a complete step-by-step Shopify tutorial for beginners. By the end of this article, you’ll […]

Picture showing Shopify planning in sketch

Ecommerce Tools: 9 Must-Have Tools To Start And Run Your Business


Whether you just started an ecommerce store or you’ve been running one for years, there are tools on this list you’ll want to install ASAP — even if you won’t use them right away. Think of this list as the ultimate ecommerce startup toolkit! Inside I reveal the nine best ecommerce tools you should use […]

Screenshot showing Google Analytics sidebar

3 Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Success Stories (#3 Makes $100k/mo)


Do you have a friend who says he’s going to start a business? But after months… nothing happens. We call them wantrepreneurs. They love to talk about starting businesses but you and I both know that it’s all talk and no walk. Instead, you should only listen to people who have actually started and grown […]

Screenshot showing a Facebook post by Tim Ferriss

Ecommerce Product Photography Ideas: A Complete Guide


Product photography can make or break your product’s success. Don’t believe me? Imagine you’re scrolling through Facebook and you see a product you’ve always wanted. Which of these would you click? Enough said. For our purposes, let’s use the example of a Shopify store getting samples of a new product. What are all the photos […]

Image showing two different photos of the same products

18 Best Shopify Blogs (With Pro Tips For Your Traffic Growth)


How do you get an extra 10,000 ready-to-buy visitors to your store per month — for free? Now I’ve got your attention! The answer is your blog. Content marketing is a great, cost-effective way to grow your brand, get more traffic, and increase your bottom line. Ready to get inspired?  In this article, I reveal […]

Screenshot showing the Unhoked blog