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Ecommerce Convert Window Shoppers Strategy (Hint: 0% Discount)

Growth Marketing

Note: We've retired this Shortcut from Sumo in April 2019.

Sebastian Cruz runs a Shopify store that sells high collar shirts, dinner jackets, pocket squares, handmade bow ties, and more. They are made from 100% Italian cotton and ship worldwide for free. Take a peek at this 17-second video to see how they mix high fashion with function in the most artistic way possible.

Like a lot of other Shopify stores, Sebastian Cruz gets window shoppers who come to their store, view their products, then leave without buying.

But that was BEFORE they found a strategy that allowed them to convert 477 of their window shoppers into $2,231.75 sales in one month, without discounting.

Screenshot showing google search results

Here’s how the Convert Window Shoppers strategy works:

  1. Sumo detects which product page a visitor has visited the most in one website session.

  2. Sumo triggers an email that’s sent to the visitor to buy that product (if they are on your email list and did not buy in that session). It does this by tagging all your email subscribers, so they can be tracked on each visit.

It’s a simple strategy that any Shopify store can run and start seeing results from within weeks. In the first month, 477 shoppers viewed Sebastian Cruz’s products, left their site without buying, then received an email.

Screenshot showing google search results

As you can see above, not every email sent converts into a sale, but on average Sebastian Cruz is getting a 38.15% open rate, and making $4.67 for every email sent.

Without running this strategy, Sebastian Cruz would have 477 window shoppers who would likely leave and never come back again to buy.

The $2,231.75 of revenue generated from this strategy in one month more than pays for the $79 cost of Sumo to run it.

To get this set up on your Shopify store, there’s literally two things you need to do once you’ve installed Sumo’s Convert Window Shoppers Shortcut on your store:

  1. Enter your “FROM NAME” and “REPLY TO” email address. Sumo will automatically send an email with your visitor's most-viewed product addressed from you (including product name, image, price and description)

  2. Screenshot showing google search results

  3. Set how long you would like Sumo to wait after shoppers have left your store before sending an email. You can choose from 3 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, or a custom time delay.

Screenshot showing google search results

That’s it!

Once you’ve set this up, it will keep working for you every day.

The best part? You’re not cutting into your profit margins with a discount.

You’re simply sending one personalized email that invites people back to your store to buy their favorite product.

To try this strategy out for free on your Shopify store, click the button below and install the Convert Window Shoppers Shortcut once you’re inside.

Note: We've retired this Shortcut from Sumo in April 2019.