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How A Small Ecommerce Company Got 29,062 Email Leads

Growth Marketing

Are you struggling to grow your email list, fast?

Would you like to convert over 10% of your website traffic into email leads every month?

In the next 2 minutes I’m going to show you a popup that Hemper, one of Sumo’s small eCommerce customers is using to convert 11.84% of people who visit their site into email leads (aka 5x industry average).

Recently, Chris “Your Success is My Success” Wyatt from the Sumo team helped Hemper make a high-converting “discount code popup.”

The result?

29,062 people were in the holiday (discount) spirit. 🎉

Screenshot showing google search results

He used Sumo’s List Builder tool to do it (click here to use List Builder on your own site).

If you want an 11.84% conversion rate on your website, here is the EXACT Sumo List Builder popup Chris and the Hemper team used to do it:

Screenshot showing google search results

There are 7 key elements you need to make your discount popup convert like Hemper:

  1. Logo. Makes your popup look legit
  2. Discount offer. Attracts people who are ready to buy now
  3. Giveaway offer. Bonus that convinces people to enter their email even if they aren’t ready to buy right now (like a Hemper Swag Pack)
  4. Picture. Seeing is believing… people see what they can win
  5. Countdown timer. Uses scarcity to convince people to take action now 
  6. Capture their email. Duh! Aka our FAVORITE marketing tactic to make $$$
  7. Obvious call-to-action button. Use a contrasting color to make it pop

To make sure every new website visitor sees the offer, Chris set the popup to show site-wide after 8 seconds if a visitor hadn't seen a popup in 7 days. 

Configuring this was as easy as saying, “1, 2, Christmas.” 

Chris simply used Sumo’s advanced "Visibility" settings to set it all up (as you can see below.)

Screenshot showing google search results

After a site visitor entered their email, Chris generated instant sales by using Sumo’s “success popup” to show them the discount code and keep them on the site ready to buy.


Screenshot showing google search results

In the first month, Chris got Hemper 4,400 new email leads and 390 new sales.

Several months later they’re now up to 29,000+ total leads and thousands of sales.

Heck yes! Best. Holiday Gift. EVER.

Here’s the best part if you’re busy…

This popup works on autopilot every eggnog-loving second.

In other words, the Hemper team get THOUSANDS of new email subscribers and sales to the store every month — automatically with this one popup.

If you want to set up a popup like this for your eCommerce business, you can click here to get Sumo.

I can’t wait to see how you use your own Sumo “discount code popup” to rake in sales this holiday season 🎅🎁🎉