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How To Get 6,573 Ecommerce Sales With A 10 Second Discount Popup

Growth Marketing

There are a lot of marketing tips out there.

And most of them are really freakin’ confusing.

Who wants to spend 17 weeks building an email drip series with 18 different forks? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s easy to get swept up in marketing hysteria.

But some of the BIGGEST business wins are simple.

We’re talking “make 7+ figures with one small tweak” simple.

Fanchest is one of the world’s best sports gift shops.

And they believe in simple.

Fanchest uses just one 10-second discount popup using the free Sumo tools to convert website visitors into email subscribers… and email subscribers into $$$ money in the BANK.

It’s worked.

So far, they’ve gained 140,646 email subscribers.

Screenshot showing google search results

And it doesn’t stop at email subscribers.

The Fanchest team sent us a screenshot from their Shopify account showing that 6,573 people have bought a product from the popup.

Screenshot showing google search results

Here’s exactly what Fanchest’s high converting popup looks like:

Screenshot showing google search results

To create a discount popup like this for your business, use 3 key conversion elements:

  1. Discount offer. Keep it simple and think about what a site visitor wants. Fanchest’s headline says it all in three words: “Get 10% Off”.
  2. Description. Tell people more about the benefits of giving their email address. Subscribers want value and not spam.
  3. Benefit-driven CTA. Highlight the main call to action button using a contrasting color and benefit-driven copy like “Get My 10% Off”. Many people skim the popup and jump to the button, so make sure the button copy stands out.

Click here to get the free Sumo tools and set up the same exact popup as Fanchest:

1. Set your Goal to “Collect Emails”.

Screenshot showing google search results

2. Set your Form Type to “Popup”.

Screenshot showing google search results

3. Set your Design to Sumo’s “Atomic” template. Fanchest used this template so they didn’t need to pay a designer to do design work.

Screenshot showing google search results

4. You don’t have to show the popup on every page. Fanchest choose to not show the popup to people on checkout and cart pages, giveaway pages and people who click through to their website from emails.

Screenshot showing google search results

5. Connect your email service provider so you can email your leads with more content, offers, and sales. Or, click here to get Sumo and send emails directly to your subscribers and customers for FREE.

Screenshot showing google search results

With this one simple discount popup, Fanchest has grown their email list by over 100,000 people and made 6,000 sales.

The best part?

It works on autopilot EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


Screenshot showing google search results

All it takes is a one-time setup to reap ongoing results. Money!

To get access to the same popup technology and template Fanchest used to build this popup, click here to get your free Sumo account.

Do it up.