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Ecommerce Video Testimonials Strategy (Hint: $10 Gift Card)

Growth Marketing

Do you want video testimonials to add to your product pages for social proof?

If you do, it’s your lucky day, because I’ve been shopping on women’s beauty site BOOM! by Cindy Joseph and today, I’m going to show you how they generate hundreds of eCommerce video testimonials on autopilot. 

Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

Step 1: Send Customers To A Video Review Page

After a customer buys your product, send them to a video review page offering a $10 gift card for sending you a short video review — like the BOOM! page below. This can either be your purchase thank you page, or a page you send people to from your email.

Screenshot showing google search results

Step 2: Give Customers Instructions To Record The Video Testimonial

BOOM! gives people four simple steps to follow.

Devices: Devices suitable for recording the video.

Screenshot showing google search results

Video Requirements: Video length, recording suggestions, and requirements for gift card eligibility. This step makes sure all your video testimonials are consistently high quality.

Screenshot showing google search results

Email: Instructions on how to send the video (from the recording device so you get the original high-quality video file), what to write in the subject line (so you can use email filters, automatically forward the emails to your web developer, and upload to your website), and what email to send to.

Screenshot showing google search results

Gift Card: Information on expected shipment of the gift card.

Screenshot showing google search results

Step 3: Post Your Video Testimonials On Your Product Page

Now you have that one video review page set up and working for you 24/7, you can start adding your video testimonials to your product pages. BOOM! adds it at the bottom of their product pages between their product reviews widget and their “You Might Also Like” widget. 

Screenshot showing google search results

That’s it! That’s the simple three-step system for generating hundreds of video testimonials for your eCommerce store on autopilot.

Click here to learn more and get this EXACT video testimonial landing page template for your own eCommerce store.

Money follows speed. Video testimonials follow $10 gift cards.


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