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$100 Shopping Spree Offer That Converts 9% Of Traffic Into Leads

Growth Marketing

Today I’m going to show you how to convert 9% of your website traffic and grow your email list by 19,710 leads.

To start getting a 9% conversion rate and 19,710 leads, there’s a BIG question you need to ask yourself…

Do you like getting free money?

(And, no, I don’t mean $20 checks from your grandma.)

5dollarfashions knows the power of free, and they’ve taken advantage of it by using a “$100 Free Shopping Spree!” offer on their Sumo Welcome Mat.

Screenshot showing google search results

The average Sumo Welcome Mat converts website visitors into email leads at 2.6%.

But 5dollarfashions’s Welcome Mat works so well that it converts 9.12% of people (3x the average).

Higher conversion = more leads = more $$$ for the business. Time for some office upgrades!

Screenshot showing google search results

For you data nerds who dream about statistical significance, this isn’t some small data set of 100 people either…

5dollarfashions has tested this Welcome Mat across 216,015 website visitors and generated 19,710 email leads!

Big sample size, big numbers, big-game results. Way to go, 5dollarfashions. *Internet high-five here.*

To generate thousands of leads and convert 3x the industry average (or higher) using the Sumo Welcome Mat, there are 3 key elements you need…

Screenshot showing google search results

  1. Giveaway offer. This needs to be a simple, clear offer (like a $100 Free Shopping Spree).
  2. Call-to-action. Tells people how to get the giveaway offer. Short and sweet to grab people’s attention.
  3. Email capture. Makes it obvious where people need to put their email (use “Your email address” in the email field). Use a different-colored call-to-action button to stand out.

Click here try out Sumo’s Welcome Mat for free.

What can you promise on your Welcome Mat to increase conversions?

Maybe it’s a simple $100 free shopping spree like 5dollarfashions. Or, you can get really creative:

  • Top-selling product (one winner)
  • Year subscription (one winner)
  • Helping another business or consulting call (five winners)

Don’t limit yourself. Using a Welcome Mat, you can give away whatever you want.

Once you’ve decided your offer, here are the five steps you can follow to build your Welcome Mat like 5dollarfashions — without needing any design or technical skills:

1. Log into Sumo (or sign up FREE forever) and click “Forms” and then “List Builder” on the left-hand menu. Next, click the green “Create New Form” button in the upper right.

2. Set your Goal to “Collect Emails”

Screenshot showing google search results

3. Set your Form Type to “Welcome Mat”

Screenshot showing google search results

4. Set your Design to Sumo’s “Motion” template (5dollarfashions used this template so they didn’t need to pay a designer to do design work.)

Screenshot showing google search results

5. Set your Visibility to “Manual Mode” and only show it to people who haven’t seen your Welcome Mat in 30 days (5dollarfashions did this so their website visitors wouldn’t get annoyed).

Screenshot showing google search results

6. Set up your Display Rules so people don’t see your Welcome Mat on specific pages that could decrease overall conversions (5dollarfashions set it up so people don’t see the Welcome Mat on their cart, checkout, sale, promo and login pages.)

Screenshot showing google search results

With this one simple Welcome Mat, 5dollarfashions gets a steady stream of new emails leads EVERY day.

So far they’ve picked up 19,710 new email leads in just a few months.

The clincher… their $100 offer on the Welcome Mat is evergreen.

In other words, this means 5dollarfashions can keep running this same Welcome Mat forever and just draw a new lucky winner every month.

Easy as (leftover holiday) pie.

To create your highest converting page (aka Welcome Mat) like 5dollarfashions click here to start using FREE Sumo Welcome Mat


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