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How To Make $100,000 In One Day From Your Website

Growth Marketing

In this article I’m going to show you how to make $129,526.20 in ONE day from your website.

Before you get started, you’ll need to click here to install Sumo.

Step 1: Get Sumo

It’s 100% free to use, and below I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to use Sumo for your own 6-figure day.

To do $100k in a day we knew we had to make a Sumo-sized Offer.

A Sumo-sized offer is a simple, irresistible offer that makes it impossible to say “no”.

Our Sumo-sized offer = up to 50% off Sumo for LIFE.

We were so confident this was the BEST deal anyone could get that I made this offer to anyone who could prove me wrong:

Screenshot showing google search results

No takers.

The key to a high-converting Sumo-sized offer isn’t just the offer…

It's making the offer time-limited.

When you combine a one-time offer with a time-based deadline it creates something called “scarcity” that motivates people to buy your offer now (if your offer is irresistible.)

Our “up to 50% off” deal was only available for 24 hours.

And it resulted in a 24.90% conversion rate and 9,055 email opt-ins.

Screenshot showing google search results

Here’s how we were able to get those types of results… and how you can too.

First we created a new tool to promote the Sumo-sized offer called “Cart Casino”.

Cart Casino is a game people on your website can play to win a discount, free shipping, your pet lizard “Winston,” or any other prize you want to give your site visitors.

Here’s what Cart Casino looks like:

Screenshot showing google search results

Click here to get Cart Casino on your website. Choose the eCommerce or Team plan.

We gave people the chance to win 5 different prizes:

  • 30% off
  • 35% off
  • 40% off
  • 45% off
  • 50% off

Our moms taught us to never play favorites and be fair to everyone so we configured the game with a 20% chance of winning any of the five deals.

We set up Cart Casino to show after 1 second for 24 hours on Sumo.com to make sure EVERYONE coming to our website would see it.

You, your friends, your grandma, random strangers on the Internet who found us in between images of cats… everyone.

If someone “x’d” out of the popup, we set up a tab so they could easily open the offer again.

Screenshot showing google search results

Here are some insane stats from the Cart Casino popup…

  • 10x conversion rate compared to a normal popup
  • 9,055 email leads in 24 hours
  • Sumo’s biggest sales day EVER

And because our Sumo-sized offer was so good, those 9,055 email opt-ins converted into $129,526.20 in annual recurring revenue for Sumo.

In only 1 day.

Plus, anyone who didn’t convert but gave us their email address was put through a sales email drip automation. In other words, a chance to convert them later.

Yup, this is where you say, “holy tacos!”

We ran our promotion on Black Friday, but you can use this same setup to promote any time-limited sales event whatever day you feel like it.

For example, you could:

  • Create a time-limited Sumo-sized offer every month (like “January Jackpot” for free t-shirts)
  • Launch a new Sumo-sized offer every season (who wants a winter sale?)
  • Build a new Sumo-sized offer whenever the heck you want (“Happy Tuesday!”)

To recap, here are the 3 steps you need to make the Sumo-sized offer work for your business:

  1. Come up with a time-limited Sumo-sized offer
  2. Promote using Sumo's Cart Casino tool (or you can create your own tool)
  3. Give people the chance to win two or more prizes to make it into a game

Make haste, young grasshopper.