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Amazing 19 Word Live Chat Reply Captures 50% More Website Leads


Note: The Sumo app referenced inside this blog post has now been deprecated.

To learn about Sumo’s new apps for growing your business, click here to visit the Sumo home page.

A few weeks ago, I beat Chief Sumo Noah in a push-up contest 💪

Looking for redemption, I’ve caught Chief Sumo Noah secretly asking the biggest health experts on the web for advice.

One of the websites I caught Noah peaking at when he thought I wasn’t looking was a small eCommerce site in the health and fitness industry.

Recently, this eCommerce website installed Sumo’s new Live Chat on it.

Get Live Chat for your website

Now the team gets messages like this from Chief Sumo and other customers at 5 am…

Screenshot showing google search results

(Noah’s definitely gonna be needing the 36” wraps to beat your boi.)

Now, there’s something interesting about the chat above…

If you look closely, you’ll notice an 19 word live chat reply was sent to Noah after his first question…

“Rosemary is away at the moment. What’s your email address so we can notify you when they are back?”

Here’s why this is epic…

Sumo’s Live Chat tool AUTOMATICALLY sends an “away” message and captures an email address when your team is busy eating cookies.

These subscribers are added to Sumo Message Center so you can easily email them through autoresponders or manual messages.

In other words…

Sumo Live Chat = automatic new leads for your business.

New leads for your business = more 💰

With Sumo’s Live Chat, this eCommerce company is able to turn commonly asked questions like “Do you ship internationally?” into leads for their business.

Screenshot showing google search results

Within 30 days of launching Sumo Live Chat on their website, this company got 306 new live chats.

Sumo’s Live Chat tool then did its magic and automatically converted 53% of those chats into email leads.

Here are the stats from the eCommerce company’s Live Chat dashboard so you can see I speak nothing but the taco-loving truth:

Screenshot showing google search results

Some of the live chats this company gets are from people who want to get stronger (like Noah).

Other times, people just want a good discount before they pull the trigger (also like Noah…).

And when you’re back online, you can simply reopen the chat to talk with customers.

Screenshot showing google search results

If you’re not already using Sumo Live Chat on your website, click here.

Then, choose the Small Business, eCommerce, or Team plans.


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