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Email Marketing

13 Email Marketing Trends: A Sumo-Sized Guide


Want to hear something that’ll make you feel old? 1989 – that is, almost 28 years ago – was the year that the concept of the world wide web (the internet as we know it) was born.  And a lot has changed since the days of dial-up and Napster, and unsurprisingly so has what is […]

The 7 Step Guest Blogging Process To Guarantee Email List Growth


What if I told you that there’s a way of growing your email list by the hundreds every month? Instead of incrementally increasing your traffic, this one list building strategy can not only help you reach audiences you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, but a reach massive number of them? It’s true. This strategy is […]

The Best List Building Tool Just Got Better


More control. Faster results. Sounds good, right? We’ve been hinting at big changes coming at Sumo, and this mantra has been the core guide behind everything we do. And today, we’re proud to unveil the first of many big changes coming from our crazy whiskey-drinking developers.  Let me introduce you to the newest version of […]

List Builder 3

5 Black Friday Marketing Ideas (That Work Everyday Of The Year)


You know what sucks about Black Friday? Besides the whole being trampled by a mob thing…  Black Friday doesn’t last long enough. If you sell anything, you know how much money comes in that day. And it’s not just your business raking in the money — 1/5th of ALL retail sales come from Black Friday […]

Black Friday Dependence

How To Use Double Opt-In Emails To Get A Higher Quality Email List


If you even have 50 people on your email list, you’ve probably noticed something troubling.  I call them “The Lost Ones.”  Who are they? They’re the people that want to get emails from you. But they don’t. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Why? Those people are hanging out in your “unconfirmed” folder […]


Ecommerce Email Marketing: 12 List Building Strategies


$4,425.00 That’s how much you’d earn if you spent just $100 on email marketing for your eCommerce business on average.   Hot shit, right?  It makes sense, too. Considering that 91% of consumers use email at least once per day — you probably don’t know a single person without an email address (even my grandmother […]

Screenshot showing an ecommerce website's products

34 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips To Blow Up Your Email List


You want to build your email list. So you spend 20 hours pitching, outlining, and writing the perfect guest post. You spend another 3 hours researching and creating the perfect content upgrade to go along with that guest post. You go back and forth with the editor for what seems like hours, making small tweaks […]

conversion rate optimization

How To Send Your First Automated Email (Step-By-Step Instructions)


Did you know automated emails get 119% higher click rates than regular emails?[*] To quote Martha Stewart, “That’s a good thing.” You want people to click the links in your emails, right? So why on Earth would you ignore the most engaging email method around? Remember: automated emails are sent when a visitors triggers an […]

automated emails myemma

How To Collect Email Address On Your Website (20 Proven Ideas)


It’s mind-boggling. It seems as if 90% of the websites we review on a monthly basis identify list building as one of their biggest goals. And yet the vast majority of those websites? They have hardly any opportunities for their visitors to subscribe to their email lists. That’s like bemoaning your lack of matches on […]

where to put opt-in form

9 Common Call To Action Mistakes You Need To Avoid


You’re proud of your website. You’ve worked hard on your offers. You think you know your audience like the back of your hand. But no one is clicking through on your calls to action. Your site traffic isn’t converting. And it’s driving you nuts. You can’t figure out where you’re going wrong. So what’s the […]