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Growth Marketing

Black Rhinos: Step-By-Step How 10 Companies Made Over $10 Million


DOWNLOAD THE BOOK FOR FREE No email opt-in required. Download takes ~30 seconds. What do pro marketers do, that rookies don’t? They study the best in the industry. But it can take years, sometimes decades to understand EXACTLY how to execute winning marketing campaigns. We studied the best marketing campaigns across 10 million dollar companies. […]

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7 Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines


Ecommerce businesses lose trillions of dollars each year in abandoned carts.  No matter how good your sales funnels are, you’re losing revenue due to people leaving your site before they finish purchasing.  Want to recover some of that revenue? Abandoned cart emails are the #1 way to encourage shoppers to complete purchases.  But for these […]

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7 Marketing Trends For 2019 (That Are Here To Stay)


Every year, new technology creates bigger and better marketing capabilities. In 2018, we saw a rise in AI-powered chatbots, innovations in augmented and virtual reality, and more marketing automation. This year, we have all that, but it's better, faster, and more intelligent. Plus some brand-new innovations not yet seen in the marketing world. Are you […]

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What Is Ecommerce Marketing And How It Works?


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the marketing activities ecommerce experts say you should be doing? Would you like a simple plan to grow your ecommerce business that is based on fundamental strategies and best practices that work? Today I'm going to show you: What ecommerce marketing actually means. A simple 12-month marketing plan you […]

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Ecommerce Convert Window Shoppers Strategy (Hint: 0% Discount)


Note: We've retired this Shortcut from Sumo in April 2019. Sebastian Cruz runs a Shopify store that sells high collar shirts, dinner jackets, pocket squares, handmade bow ties, and more. They are made from 100% Italian cotton and ship worldwide for free. Take a peek at this 17-second video to see how they mix high […]

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11 Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Ideas


Coming up with ecommerce marketing ideas can be really tough. Every ecommerce store in the world wants to have more traffic, to make more sales and to build a strong, recognizable, and trusted brand. Marketing can help. But marketing isn’t easy. If you’re wondering how you can take your business to the next level. this […]

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17 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies (For Stores On A Shoestring Budget)


Sales. You want more of them, right? Well, I’ve got some good news. In this article, I reveal 17 ecommerce marketing strategies some of Sumo’s top ecommerce customers are using. We’re talking a mix of “set it and forget it” type strategies, strategies for the long game, community building strategies, social media strategies, and more. […]

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How To Build An Email List From Scratch (4 Simple Steps)


Imagine if you could press a button, go to sleep, then wake up with dozens or hundreds of sales in your inbox the next morning? That’s the power of an email list. But that’s not all. Get this: Email has shown a 3,800% ROI — that’s $38 in for every $1 spent.[*] One study found […]

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Black Friday Deals 2018


To celebrate Black Friday, we’re showcasing 100 ecommerce stores using Sumo to grow their business. To make it easy for you to find the best Black Friday deal, we’ve sorted all 100 stores into seven categories.  Simply click on a category below and find a store that interests you. Featured Store: Venga CBD VengaCBD sells […]

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12 Simple Ecommerce Strategies (Testing Framework Included)


Want to grow your ecommerce business revenue this year? Well, growth doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re serious about growing, your business needs direction and a clear strategy. Today I’m going to share 12 ecommerce strategies that are proven to help businesses increase their sales and revenues — and what’s even better, any ecommerce business […]

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