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Growth Marketing

7 Christmas Marketing Ideas For Online Stores (From Santa)


Want more customers over the holidays? I don’t need to unload stats on you. You already know the holiday season is (for most companies) the best sales period of the entire year. But do you know how to capitalize on it? In today’s article, I’m going to show you seven Christmas marketing ideas to make more […]

Screenshot of a Google Christmas doodle

How To Find The Perfect Ecommerce Marketing Mix For Your Store


Do you want to easily and more effectively grow your online store? You need to master your ecommerce marketing mix. There are hundreds of ways to promote your online shop. But only a handful are really worth pursuing. In today’s article, I’ll cover the five marketing channels that make up the perfect ecommerce marketing mix […]

Screenshot showing a google search result

How Shopify Store BlendJet Made $163,633.50 Sales In 30 Days


BlendJet runs a Shopify store that sells the world’s most powerful portable blender. You can take the blender to the gym, office, school, traveling, and more. I could explain how good their blender is, or I could let BlendJet’s crew show you in 48 seconds why their blender is perfect for making fresh smoothies, shakes, […]

Screenshot showing stats with and without sumo

9 Ways To Spy On Your Shopify Competitors


Ecommerce is all about having the right tools for the trade, whether that’s full automation or analytics. Despite the competitor research tools that are at people’s disposal across the internet, everyone is using the same tools for competitor analysis. If you're doing the same thing as everyone else, it doesn't help your business grow or […]

Screenshot showing what apps are used on MVMT watches' website

25 Ecommerce A/B Testing Ideas For Your 5 Top Store Pages


The biggest question in ecommerce A/B testing is not “how.” It’s not even “what.” It’s “why not?” A survey by ConversionXL of 722 participants shows that 43% run fewer than five A/B tests per month![*] They know experiments can improve their business, but they don’t act. Why? Because they don’t know how! Regular A/B testing […]

Screenshot showing different aspects of a page

3 Direct Mail Marketing Examples For Ecommerce Businesses


Every business needs a marketing channel that is measurable and trackable, which is why so many people have abandoned direct mail. But if you’re interested in customer retention and you’re trying to grow your business, then direct mail can be an easy solution. So, what’s the trick? Isn’t mail expensive, slow, and immeasurable? Well, not […]

Screenshot showing a promotional banner

How To Write Better Cyber Monday Emails (With 10 Examples)


Move over Black Friday; Cyber Monday is edging you out. In 2017, Cyber Monday beat Black Friday by over $1 billion in the U.S. alone![*] With a record $3.3 billion spent online during Cyber Monday last year, you better be tapping into this shopping frenzy! To help you do that, I’m going to share 10 Cyber […]

Screenshot showing a cyber monday banner

5 Black Friday Email Campaigns You Can Steal (Templates Included)


In 2017, U.S. Black Friday sales achieved a record $7.9 billion in sales — 18% higher than the previous year.[*] If the trend continues, this year’s Black Friday will be the biggest yet, which could mean the biggest sales day of your store’s history. And given that email marketing had the highest conversion rate of […]

Screenshot showing a BB Dakota sales page

How I Recovered 2,328 Abandoned Shopify Carts With YouTube Ads


At OMG Commerce we believe in a simple marketing philosophy that has generated millions in revenue for our clients and for us. Good remarketing campaigns help make all of your marketing efforts better. If you’re proactive and persuasive in turning visitors into customers (especially those who don’t purchase on the first visit), then you can […]

Screenshot showing conversion stats for some ads

10 Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports (+ Revenue Per Email Report)


If you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur or marketer and you want to increase your profits with better analytics, you’re in the right place. Analyzing the ecommerce data of your business with Google Analytics is essential if you want to track, measure, and optimize your store. In this post, you’ll learn about 10 important Google Analytics reports […]

Screenshot showing google analytics sign up page