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Sumo Data-studies

Case Study: How to Make 6-Figures With An Email Newsletter


“I think 2020 might be the peak email newsletter year,” he said.  That's Emanuel Cinca, founder of Stacked Marketer; a 6-figure daily email newsletter with over 16,000 subscribers. Emanuel noticed the email newsletter trend in around 2019 and has experienced explosive growth in the 2 years since he founded Stacked Marketer.  I sat down with […]

Stacked Marketer email key data

The Top 5 Grossing Shopify Stores (Based On Actual Sales From Sumo)


The Shopify stores I’m about to show you have all grossed over $500,000 using Sumo’s email marketing tools: In this blog post I'm going to go through each store one-by-one and show you: Who the store is. Their total gross sales from Sumo. The #1 sales strategy they use to get over half a million […]

Screenshot showing Sumo top grossing Shopify stores

Shopify Cart Abandonment Strategy (10 Shopify Stores With 10X ROI)


Attention: The information you’re about to read works for all ecommerce platforms: BigCommerce, EKM, Magento, MonsterCommerce, Neto, OpenCart, PrestaShop, SAP Hybris, Shopify, Squarespace, Volusion, Weebly, WooCommerce, X-Cart. Do you want to grow your email list? Ah, yes please Uncle Sumo. Do you want to turn your visitors into new customers? Obviously. Just one problem. With […]

Graph showing Sumo's top 10 shopify customers

The Best Email Optin Tool To Supercharge Your Marketing


We studied 1,000 top performing sites (with combined traffic stats of 30.7 million website visits per day) using Sumo to find out which email opt-in tools they’re using — and if they’re worth your time. Today we’re using our data to uncover: The 1 Email Opt-In Tool You Can Use To Average A 31.50% Conversion […]

How To Write The Best Headlines (150,000 Opt-Ins Analyzed)


How many times have you seen this quote? “When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” Probably a lot.  We get it. Headlines are important. The internet is full of articles, books and even paid freaking courses on how to write killer headlines. We even created a free […]

Screenshot showing different content pieces

How To Create The Best Content Upgrade (100,000 Opt-Ins Analyzed)


The year was 2012.  My blog just received “Blog of the Year” honors from Travel + Leisure.  Ivanka Trump was even on the panel of judges (she thought the blog was tremendous, huuuuge, etc.). A couple articles I’d written got so much traffic that they actually broke the city of Minneapolis’ website and got featured […]

Opt-In Strategy For Blogs Based On Analyzing 400 Million Email Opt-Ins


How many times have you heard this line? “If you want to collect email addresses, all you have to do is ask.” Seems like common sense. Someone’s on your site, so they must be interested enough in your blog to subscribe. That’s why you see so many opt-ins like this: Join a newsletter, get some […]

join newsletter

How To Create The Most Attention Grabbing Popups


Hey. Scroll down a bit. Yep, that’s good. Just a bit farther, down to the next line (I promise it’ll be worth it). See that pop-up in the bottom right corner? It’s hard to miss. But it’s even harder to miss than usual, even if you can’t put your finger on exactly why. That’s because […]

Social Sharing Best Practices To Grow Your Website Traffic


Did you know you’re twice as likely to share something to Pinterest on desktop rather than mobile? Or how about that feeling when you realize people really don’t share your content to LinkedIn? I didn’t, either. But then I analyzed 200,000,000 social shares from our Share app and came to a surprising revelation: The social sharing […]

amount of shares per day

Pop-up Statistics: Findings From Analyzing 2 Billion Pop-up Examples


There’s no fancy way of saying this, so I’ll just say it: Pop-ups aren’t dead. Some people think they are, but they’re not. Ask yourself this for a moment — why do you think pop-ups are dead? I bet the tune in your head sounds something like this: “I think they’re annoying, and people say […]

Pop-up example for coupons