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10 Proven Email Blast Examples (With Open And Click Rate Data)

Email Marketing

In this guide, I share 10 email blast examples, including open and click rate statistics from Sumo List Builder users, for you to copy. I also share what makes them get opened and clicked, so you learn how to improve your email campaigns in the process. Let’s dive in!

What Is An Email Blast?

Product Email Blast Examples

Content Email Blast Examples

What Is An Email Blast?

For this post, an email blast is a one-off email sent to your list, whether the whole list or a list segment. It isn’t an automated email or part of a drip sequence, but rather a broadcast, typically used to promote a flash sale, new product, or new content.

Product Email Blast Examples

1. Multiproduct Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 1,884

Open Rate: 28.9%

Click Rate: 8.6%

Revenue: $689.33

Subject Line: Wiener Weekend Sale Starts Now 🐶🛒🤸🎁

Website: The Smoothe Store

Why It Worked So Well: It’s a sale… on wiener dog merchandise. Need I say more?

But seriously, sales tend to work well. Show pictures of the things on sale, with the percent off amounts, and you’re good to go.

2. New Product Launch Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 19,758

Open Rate: 20.3%

Click Rate: 2.4%

Revenue: $4,516.25

Subject Line: Dreams do come blue

Website: Suav Shoes 

Why It Worked So Well: The email is simple with one clear call to action. You know exactly what the product is after opening it, you can see one big hero shot of it, and it’s clear you can click the “Shop Now” button to buy.

3. Instagram Product Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 2,185

Open Rate: 38.4%

Click Rate: 4.9%

Revenue: $4,780.93

Subject Line: Don't miss this one ☕

Website: Cuvee Coffee

Why It Worked So Well: The hero image taken from Cuvée’s Instagram account, one clear call to action button, and the scarcity-based headline “Try It Before It’s Gone” are a high-converting trifecta.

4. Flash Sale Product Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 21,076

Open Rate: 20.4%

Click Rate: 1.4%

Revenue: $3,393.74

Subject Line: 24 HRS: Celebrate Earth Day with 20% off Strong Greens 🌎

Website: Bare Performance Nutrition

Why It Worked So Well: The 20% off offer was one day only to celebrate Earth Day, and was sent to active subscribers who had opened emails in the last 120 days.

Like the other successful product emails above, this email is simple with a hero image and one clear call to action. To increase sales, a customer testimonial is highlighted directly below the call to action button for social proof.

5. Partner Product Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 126

Open Rate: 57.1%

Click Rate: 11.9%

Subject Line: Finance Your Small Camper!

Website: The Wandering RV

Why It Worked So Well: This email was sent to people who opted in for a list of small camper options while doing their purchasing research, so it was highly relevant and topical.[*]

You’ll notice that it isn’t flashy; it’s all text. That’s because we prefer a more straightforward approach, and only add images when we need to. It’s just a personal preference, though. What matters is the offer is relevant to the audience.

6. Product Waiting List Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 235

Open Rate: 39.6%

Click Rate: 6.4%

Subject Line: Open me if you want #1 Google rankings

Website: Bill Widmer

Why It Worked So Well: The subject line spoke directly to the benefit my audience wanted — first-position Google rankings.

Then, inside the email, I gave them more of what they wanted and even bolded it to stand out — first-position rankings, thousands of visits, and passive income. I showed a screenshot to provide proof, then sealed the deal with a promise for exclusive bonuses for early sign-ups.

Content Email Blast Examples

7. Multimedia Content Email

Screenshot showing google search resultsScreenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 350

Open Rate: 40%

Click Rate: 14%

Subject Line: So – what is the endocannabinoid system, anyway?

Website: CBD Central

Why It Worked So Well: Compared to the health industry averages of 20% open and 2.18% click rate, this email blast performed exceptionally well.[*]

This is due to the high quality of CBD Central’s content and graphics. CBD Central has some of the best content on the web about CBD oil, an industry historically riddled with false claims and misinformation, further improving their engagement.

Pro Tip: If you’re going to use visuals, especially to explain a complex topic like biology, they need to be good. The better they are, the more engagement you’ll get. (That’s not all — high-quality images improve trust, which makes it easier to build links to your content, sell your products, and more.)

Consider hiring a designer if you’re going to use an image-heavy email like this one. Additionally, run your emails through a spam test tool like Mail-Tester before you hit send to maximize your deliverability.[*]

8. Case Study Content Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 38,731

Open Rate: 37.1%

Click Rate: 9.8%

Subject Line: 10k traffic in 30 days (with no budget)

Website: Sumo

Why It Worked So Well: The email was sent to a list of small business owners whose biggest challenge is growing traffic to their site without money to spend on ads. 

Sending a case study of how someone in their exact situation achieved a specific result (i.e., 10k traffic in 30 days) was the perfect content people on the list wanted.

9. Story-Based Content Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 5,654

Open Rate: 38%

Click Rate: 8.2%

Subject Line: This is why I can’t have nice things…

Website: Jacob McMillen 

Why It Worked So Well: Jacob’s list is mainly writers interested in growing their business. This email is perfectly targeted to such a person. Also, the subject line piques curiosity to help improve the open rate, and the writing inside the email is very specific (“if you’re a writer, this is specifically written to you”). 

However, I do think the open rate may have been better with a subject line written toward the benefits rather than a blanket curiosity statement, such as “How to create a website that generates $X worth of leads.” But you never know if you don’t A/B test it!

10. Clickbait Content Email

Screenshot showing google search results

Recipients: 1,701

Open Rate: 61.4%

Click Rate: 35.6%

Subject Line: ▶ Humor Break! ◀ 10 Ridiculous Christian Myths About Dating

Website: Brazen Church

Why It Worked So Well: This email had a crazy-high open and click rate. Part of the reason is a well-groomed list. The other part is clickbait. If you’re a Christian, especially a single Christian, this email is bound to catch your attention.

Plus, humor is always a great way to get people to take action. Everyone loves to laugh (except maybe those scary aunts with the ruler), so adding humor to your emails can be a great engagement booster. Just be careful — humor is a powerful tool, but hard to master and easy to mess up.

Pro Tip: Try using some humor power words like “funniest”, “hilarious”, etc. in your subject lines to improve open rates.

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