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How To Get 10X More Email Signups In One Minute (Video Inside)

Email Marketing

A week ago one of our customers as usual used Sumo in ways we did not expect.

They created multiple pop-ups and made them page specific. Their email signup rate went from .16% to 1.86% instantly.

What would a 10x increase in your daily signups do for you site?

Screenshot showing google search results

Here's a real example of a 10x increase

I was jealous cause I didn’t think of it first, but I'd be selfish if I didn’t share how they did it with you.

Here’s how to 10x your email conversions right now:

1- You need multiple popups to do this. Start a free trial of %(productlink:scroll-box-pro:[List Builder Pro]), or %(productlink:scroll-box-pro:[Scroll Box Pro]).

2- Create a new campaign.

Screenshot showing google search results

3- Edit your display rule to ONLY show for the most popular page on your site

Screenshot showing google search results

4- Edit your popup heading to be similar to the title of that page.

Screenshot showing google search results

5- Make sure to NOT show on your original Campaign

Screenshot showing google search results

Watch the video below to see it done in less than a minute.


Leave it on auto-pilot and enjoy all the new daily subscribers. You can do this multiple times across your most popular pages. We HIGHLY recommended it.

JUST by customizing to the page your visitor is on, you’ll see up to a 10x improvement in your conversion rate.

As well, some of you are just using List Builder pop ups but we’ve seen that by adding Scroll Box via Sumo to your site that you get an ADDITIONAL 10-20%+ of daily subscribers. It works especially well for all that mobile traffic of yours.

Set this up now with a free trial of %(productlink:scroll-box-pro:[Scroll Box Pro]) or %(productlink:list-builder-pro:[List Builder Pro])

Happy 10xing,
Noah “tacos” Kagan