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Ignore The Rest: 16 Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

Sumo Growth-studies

There’s so much content online today. 

Honestly, it can feel like a full-time job just to filter through the noise to find blogs that are worth your time.

To help you get the BEST marketing content available, we’ve curated a list of 16 marketing blogs you need to follow.

Here’s the list: 


1. Siege Media 

Screenshot showing google search results

Siege Media is a content marketing agency that has helped brands like Casper, Zillow, and Tripadvisor grow their traffic.

The Siege Media blog shares comprehensive and thoroughly researched articles to help you rank higher and grow your business. One huge bonus with Siege Media’s blog is that it’s written by experts focused on traffic and business growth, which means its writers can share with real-world insights from their work. No fluff, just actionable content to help you succeed. 

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2. Animalz 

Screenshot showing google search results

Animalz is a full-service content marketing agency based in New York, with experience creating informative, insightful, and entertaining content for brands like Google, Wistia, and Intercom. 

The Animalz blog is full of thoughtful, opinionated content that aims to push the content marketing industry forward. Its articles are always thought-provoking and help marketers to rethink and refine their content strategies. 

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3. Detailed

Screenshot showing google search results

More than 50,000 readers subscribe to Detailed to learn cutting-edge SEO tactics from one of the internet’s leading search and content experts, Glen Allsopp.

Detailed isn't updated as often as some other blogs on this list, but every article is 100% worth the wait. Allsopp leaves no stone unturned when researching and writing content for Detailed — his posts regularly surpass 5,000 words and feature tons of real-world examples and step-by-step instructions to help you grow your traffic.

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4. Privy

Screenshot showing google search results

If you want to grow an ecommerce brand, this blog is for you. 

Privy’s blog features expert views, insider tips, and advice from successful ecommerce founders and the Privy marketing team. It focuses on growing an ecommerce business through email and SMS-based marketing and offers tips to increase your list growth and drive more conversions from subscribers, among other topics. 

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5. OkDork

Screenshot showing google search results

Chief Sumo Noah Kagan has been blogging at OkDork since 2005 (pretty impressive, huh?). 

OkDork exists to help entrepreneurs kick more ass. The blog offers insight into how Kagan approaches marketing, and the lessons he’s learned from growing and running Sumo, being employee #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint, and working at Intel.

If you want to learn about starting and growing a business, marketing, personal improvement, and productivity, you’ll find what you need on his blog.

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6. Business Class from American Express

Screenshot showing google search results

American Express is a huge supporter of small businesses (in 2010, it started the Shop Small/Small Business Saturday movement). 

The Marketing & Sales section of Business Class  shares tips and advice on building a brand, growing your business through advertising and marketing, and creating loyal fans and returning customers. It’s a one-stop-shop to help you scale your small business. 

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7. SparkToro

Screenshot showing google search results

Founded by marketing and SEO industry expert Rand Fishkin, SparkToro helps you discover the blogs, publications, and social accounts that will help you reach your audience online.

The SparkToro blog features Fishkin’s thoughts on marketing, entrepreneurship, and online influence. Its posts are easy to read and often feature great step-by-step instructions to help you learn new techniques and tactics to connect with your audience. 

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8. The Startup

Screenshot showing google search results

The Startup is one of Medium’s most popular publications. Founded by Ali Mese, more than 680,000 people follow the publication for its insightful content on all things entrepreneurship and marketing. 

The Startup has a wide range of writers, many of whom share stories about their experience of launching, growing, and marketing businesses. If you want to learn first-hand from people in the weeds building business, The Startup is the place for you.

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9. AppSumo

Screenshot showing google search results

AppSumo is THE place software deals, and since its launch in 2010, it has saved entrepreneurs over $500 million!

The AppSumo blog is a must-read resource for entrepreneurs and marketers alike. It showcases the latest software products to help save time, drive revenue, enhance workflows, and more. But that’s not it. AppSumo is also building an incredible library of content to help entrepreneurs and marketers tackle their biggest daily challenges. 

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10. Podia

Screenshot showing google search results

Podia helps people turn their passions into profits. But to do this, you need to know what you’re doing in marketing, and that’s where Podia’s blog comes into play. 

The Podia blog is all about helping creative entrepreneurs to build and monetize audiences. And whether you’re a solo creator or a marketer at a large company, the lessons it shares will help you understand what it takes to build an audience that truly cares about your brand. 

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11. Marketing Examples

Screenshot showing google search results

Want practical and actionable marketing advice? Marketing Examples the blog you’re looking for. Every week, Harry Dry (the blog’s owner) shares new case studies that break down how brands approach marketing and shares takeaways you can use to boost your marketing strategy.

Marketing Examples is read by over 27,000 marketers. It shares tactical advice you can learn from and begin to implement right away. 

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12. Instagram Business

Screenshot showing google search results

If you work in marketing, chances are you use Instagram to connect with your audience. 

The Facebook-owned platform now has over 1 billion users worldwide, and the Instagram Business blog is a great resource to help marketers keep up with the latest platform updates, releases, and tactics to grow sales and revenue using Instagram. 

Its articles tend to be short (often under 500 words) and offer quick tips for marketers and case studies to help inspire your next campaign. 

Recommended reading: How to use Instagram Stories to foster authentic connections

13. Copyhackers

Screenshot showing google search results

Copywriting is probably the most undervalued skill in marketing, and it's the #1 way most marketers could improve their craft… and results. 

The Copyhackers blog shares lessons and tips to help businesses build audiences. It was founded by Joanna Wiebe in 2011 and now has hundreds of in-depth guides. Its content focuses on how copy and content can help grow your business, but it also regularly touches on topics like segmentation, personalization, and analytics. 

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14. Pinterest Newsroom

Screenshot showing google search results

Whether or not you use Pinterest, the Pinterest newsroom is a must-read for marketers for one simple reason: It keeps you current with what’s trending. 

The Pinterest Newsroom shares regular updates on what people search for on Pinterest, which is largely representative of what's going on in the world outside of Pinterest. 

Knowing what's trending is essential and can help you plan your content calendar to keep your company relevant and your messaging on point when you work in marketing.

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15. Databox 

Screenshot showing google search results

Measuring the impact of your work is incredibly important. And that’s why Databox is on this list. 

The Databox blog shares incredibly actionable and detailed guides on analytics, KPIs, and measuring success-related topics. Its content on Google Analytics is particularly helpful in taking your analytics knowledge to the next level. 

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16. The Lab

Screenshot showing google search results

The Lab is a marketing blog by Foundation, a content marketing agency for B2B brands. 

The Lab produces an array of incredible content, from in-depth studies on how successful brands use content to break through to expert guides on how to increase your traffic and grow your business. 

If your company produces content in any form — blog posts, social, podcasts, videos — The Lab should be in your blog rotation. 

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Get The Marketing Content That Deserves Your Time

Reading the blogs listed in this post has helped me level up my marketing knowledge, and progress in my career. 

When consuming content that will move the needle for your career or your business, quality matters way more than quantity. 

There are hundreds of thousands of marketing blogs out there… but only a few handfuls are worth your time. You won’t go wrong by following the 16 marketing blogs listed here.