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How To Create A Product Launch Email Campaign (With 10 Examples)

Email Marketing

Want to launch a new product and make thousands in sales immediately?

Here’s the result Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) got from one of their product launch emails introducing a new flavor for their whey protein powder:

37,319 5,080 399 52 $2,518.42

Today, I will use real-life examples to show you exactly how to create a product launch email and get results like the above.

Ready to launch your product with a bang? Let’s dive in!

What Is A Product Launch Email?

You and your team have spent months to develop a brand-new product for your ecommerce store. It’s time to spread the word about it and start making some serious money.

One of the best strategies is to craft and send a product launch email.

In short, a product launch email is an email you send to announce a new product, a new feature, or a new release.

To help you get started quickly, I created the Product Launch Email Checklist. Use this checklist to make sure you have everything in place for a successful launch.

Click here to get the Product Launch Campaign Checklist

How To Create A Product Launch Email Campaign

It's not just one email announcing a new product; there is a lot of work that goes into creating a successful product launch campaign.

A product launch email campaign generally consists of three stages.

Screenshot showing google search results

Stage 1: The Prep

Before you can send the announcement email and get people to give you their money, you need to prepare. This could be:

  • Sending a survey to your subscribers to validate interest in your new product ideas. You can use the responses to craft your offer.

  • Creating a landing page to collect email addresses from people who are interested in your new product (and validate your ideas in the process).

  • Collecting testimonials and reviews from your test group to better position your new product for the launch.

NOTE: You may have this step done if you’ve spent the time learning about your customers and developing your new product. If you’re building a new product secretly, this step could also be the first touchpoint to generate some attention and traction.

Depending on how established your business and brand is and how much you understand your product and customers, you may get ready quickly or you may need more time for this stage.

Stage 2: The Hint

Once you’re done with the initial preparation, it’s time to email your subscribers. But wait… It’s not what you think.

Instead of promoting your new product immediately, this stage (and email) is to build anticipation and gain prelaunch traction. Here are two types of emails you can send:

  1. Share the news email. Give your subscribers a hint about the new product, and then incentive them to share about your launch to their circle. The offer could be a special discount, early access, or a chance to win an exclusive gift.

  2. Coming soon email. As the launch gets close, email your subscribers about it, so they are eagerly waiting for your launch email.

You have won half the battle when you get people to anticipate your new product during this stage.

Stage 3: The Reveal

Now it’s time to launch your new product! Drumroll…

This could be the easiest stage if you’ve done the Prep and the Hint well. However, there are a few essential tips to make sure you get the most out of the launch:

  • Work on your email subject line. No one will know about your launch if no one opens your email. To improve your email open rate, spend the time to come up with multiple subject lines, and pick the best from there. You can A/B test the subject lines if your email service provider is capable of that.

  • Use compelling product images. A picture speaks a thousand words. Use high-quality product images to make sure the potential customers can’t help but to buy it.

  • Include a prominent call-to-action button (CTA). Have one single, clear CTA button for your product launch email — which is to buy the new product NOW!

  • Stay true to your brand. You’ve spent the time and effort to build rapport and trust with your subscribers. Keep the tone of your launch campaign aligned with your brand and all past emails so subscribers can connect easily.

  • Create scarcity and urgency. Often, a reason to buy isn’t enough; you need to give your subscribers a reason to buy NOW. You can create the urgency with special launch discounts, limited units, or limited-time bonuses.

10 Best Product Launch Email Examples

Need some inspiration for your campaign? Here is a list of the 10 best product launch email examples I’ve found from FAM and Really Good Emails.

I’ve also included the subject lines and why they work for each of the examples below.


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: The Wheyt Is Over — NEW Flavor Available

Why it works:

BPN’s product launch email starts with a product image with overlaying text that catches the subscriber’s attention immediately.

It then includes short copy in the email body and quickly moves to a prominent call-to-action button.

It works because of its simplicity, especially as the brand has already established trust with its subscribers.


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: Introducing the Peloton Tread

Why it works:

Like the BPN’s example, the Peloton email uses high-quality images that speak about the brand and the product. The short email copy covers a lot:

  • The desire. “Your own boutique fitness studio.”

  • The feature. “A state-of-the-art blend of technology and live classes…”

  • The benefit. “Access fitness for the whole family at just the tap at a screen.”

  • The pricing. “As low as $149 per month.” and “with a deposit of $250.”

The best part? The email gets subscribers to reserve the new product with a $250 deposit, which means Peloton starts making money before they even ship the product.


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: The Massdrop x Zambumon GMK Serika Custom Keycap Set is now available.

Why it works:

Based on the headline of the email, it’s clear that a lot of preparation has gone into this product launch. Instead of launching a product and hope the subscribers buy it, Massdrop lets the subscribers vote for a new product.

This makes the actual reveal email simple and straightforward because it’s what people are looking for.


Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: NEW The Limited Edition White Rollerball Pen by Ystudio

Why it works:

The email creates an instant scarcity through both the subject line and the email body by limiting the product to 1,000 units.

Because of the nature of its brand (exclusivity, luxury, collectible), showcasing the product in multiple captivating angles works perfectly to get people fired up for it. 


Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: Introducing: Amp

Why it works:

The Sonos product launch email starts with a strong headline and follows with a body section to further explain the features of the new product.

But it doesn’t stop there. What stands out the most is how the email pinpoints who the product is made for in the “Is Amp for me?” section.

Amp is likely for you if you’re in Sonos’s email list. But stating it makes the subscribers say “Hell, it’s me! Take my money now!”


Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: Oops

Why it works:

The Chubbies’s product launch email is creative and pure genius. The familiar text message layout makes subscribers wonder what it’s all about and actually read it.

It pulls the audience into the email by using a casual tone that matches the context of the email and continues with the same tone in the CTA link and button.


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: You barked, we listened.

Why it works:

Casper’s email starts with a strong headline and a well-matched, compelling image.

The copy in the email reminds subscribers about the brand mission and connects it to their new product, the dog mattress.

Like all good product launch emails, it ends with one clear call-to-action button.


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: The wait is almost over

Why it works:

Boosted Boards is one of the pioneering brands in the electric skateboard niche. So a simple and straight forward email that stays true to their brand tone works best.

The objective of this email is to build anticipation for the actual launch. It got the job done with a launch date and a clear call-to-action button to check out what’s new.


Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: The fastest On ever has arrived. Introducing the CLOUDFLASH.

Why it works:

The images in the email are stunning and high in quality, paired with a persuasive copy that showcases the unique features of the new product. It also has a video CTA for subscribers who would like to learn more.

What makes the product launch email even more powerful is the risk reversal section:

  • Secure online shopping.

  • Free & fast delivery.

  • Free exchange & returns.

  • 14 days to make up your mind.

This section answers what holds the subscribers from taking action to buy — before they even ask about them!


Screenshot showing google search results

Subject line: Introducing Daily Face Wash

Why it works:

One of the leading brand promises of Harry’s is its fair pricing. The email stays aligned with the brand and reminds their subscribers about that promise with the line “Only $7” under the call-to-action buttons.

Besides, the emotion-packed portraits are placed strategically close to the call to action, which makes subscribers can’t help but to click the button.

Create Your Product Launch Email Campaign Today

That’s all you need to generate instant revenue for your new product.

To help you develop your product launch email campaign every step of the way, I’ve created an 18-point checklist categorized into the Prep, the Hint, and the Reveal.

Use the checklist to get everything in place for a successful product launch.

Download The Product Launch Campaign Checklist Now